Made in Italy

Amanda Triossi speaks about Bulgari at the V&A 'Made in Italy' conference

Amanda Triossi speaks about Bulgari at the V&A ‘Made in Italy’ conference

On April 9 2014, the Victoria & Albert Museum (by far my favourite of all in London) hosted a conference exploring the heritage of Italian fashion and how it has and will adapt in our digital age. Speakers included Jane Reeve the CEO of the Italian Fashion Council and Sonnet Stanfill the curator of the V&A’s current exhibit “The Glamour of Italian Fashion.” Representatives from Missoni and Bulgari were also present to discuss the items their respective houses provided for the exhibition and how their brands have evolved.

The main focus of the day’s talks was undoubtedly “storytelling,” i.e. brand awareness through history, legacy and above all innovation.  Each speaker stressed the importance of remembering the past in Italian design whilst also looking to future. Most brands have done this by archiving both pictures, press and actual design pieces from previous collections to reference themselves and for others to study.

We all archive our musings and inspirations these days in the cloud with Instagram, Pinterest and even blogs though, the examples brought forth at the V&A urge me to return to more organic scrapbooking to map new ideas using ‘old’ materials.

Alas, it was a full day of insight that left me no spare time to visit the namesake exhibit. Have any of you seen ‘The Glamour of Italian Fashion’ yet?

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